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Designing a fruit salad

The children practised the techniques of slicing, squeezing, peeling and grating on a variety of fruit then tasted the fruit and the juices.

They then designed two fruit salads they would like to make for themselves.

The children chose their favourite design then selected the fruit they needed and prepared their fruit salad.

Making the moon buggies

Wheels and axles

We looked at a variety of moving objects such as cars, skateboards and a lifting trolley to see how they worked. A spinning axle with wheels attached was noticed by the children. We tried a variety of ways to make spinning axles using pegs, cotton reels, arches made out of pieces of card, straws and paper clips.

We studied a range of freestanding structures to see how they were supported. We practised three different ways of making a freestanding Christmas Tree then designed our own  trees including a list of materials and the equipment we would need. Then we made our Christmas trees