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Down at the Bottom of the Garden

Our butterflies have emerged!

Little Zoo!

Today the children made a wormery with their friends. The children were responsible for gathering the equipment needed and had to read the information on how the wormery was made. What fun we had....all that's left to do is hunt for worms!!!! 

We started our topic of by looking at the story 'Oliver's Vegetables'. Oliver sent us a letter and asked us to try some new vegetables, just like he did! We decided to make vegetable pizzas. The children have had lots of fun sorting fruit and vegetables, trying new vegetables and using 'talk for writing' to write the instructions. We also had lots of fun making vegetable men. The vegetable men inspired us to look at the famous artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. The children used different fruits and vegetables to create their own collage portrait. They are fabulous! A great week to start the new term!