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Design and Technology

Design Technology

Subject Leader - Cindy Worsley

Design Technology is taught as part of the cross-curricular topic themes. Children will study three design technology units a year (the other three terms will focus on Art.) Design technology may be taught as weekly lessons or in a block to immerse children in a project.


Lessons are planned to focus on particular aspects of design technology (Mechanisms, Structures, Food, Textiles, Electrical systems and Mechanical systems) and ensure progression of skills as the children progress through the school.


Within a Design Technology unit children will examine existing examples of a product, including studying the work of successful designers. They will then complete focused practical tasks to develop relevant skills before going on to design, make and evaluate their product with the end user in mind. Continuously evaluating their work as they proceed, adjusting and improving is a valued skill the children learn. ‘The iterative process’ is emphasised and forms an integral part of the process from start to final product.


Teaching the principles underlying good nutrition and healthy eating, as well as learning to cook, form an integral part of the Design Technology Curriculum. Each year every child will complete a food based unit within D.T.  These units are aimed at both developing skills and promoting healthy eating. Being able to cook is a crucial life skill that enables pupils to feed themselves and others affordably and well, both now and in later life.


Children in reception are in involved in DT through their natural curiosity and through exploring different media and techniques linked to Expressive Art and Design. We are very lucky that Mrs Hailwood comes to bake with us every week, introducing the children to a variety of baking techniques including making bread, pastry and buns.


We have close links with local businesses such as Johnson Matthey to promote DT. Each year we take part in the inter school 'Catalyst competition.' We have an annual STEM themed week in school and involve children in a competition to design a product on a DT related theme.