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Christianity - Autumn 2

On Friday afternoons Mrs Kennerley teaches RE in 2M


This half term our topic is Christianity. We will be focusing on gifts and the belief that Jesus was sent from God as a special gift to all of mankind. We will also be be learning about the Christmas Story and other Christian traditions leading up to Christmas such as Advent and Christingle.



Week 1


This week we looked at gifts and the feelings associated with giving and receiving gifts. We looked at the charity initiative Samaritans Purse 'Operation Christmas'. This is a Shoebox gift charity. Churches, schools and individuals pack the boxes and the charity distributes them to children in need around the world. We decided what we would pack and whether we would send it to a boy or a girl. We added illustrations of the items and labelled them. We thought of really good items appropriate for children of various ages.

We learnt about the 3 wise men and the gifts they gave to Jesus and the significance of them.

We used different media to create gift ideas for a newly born baby or a special person.