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During our topic we have looked at the festival of Diwali.

The children enjoyed learning about the story of Sama and Rita. They learnt about their journey away from home and how When Rita was captured, she left a trail of jewellery so she could be find. The monkeys were very helpful in finding Rita. 


Diwali is know as the festival of light . We learnt that this is because when Rama and Sita returned home, there was a path of candles and lights to guide them home.


In class we looked at a range of Diwali patterns, we found out that they would be made using coloured rice and grains.


we used glitter and a range of shiny objects to decorate a CD in order to make a lamp holder. The children really enjoyed creating their designs. 

Diwali Candle holders

Firework pictures.


The children used a range of materials to create their bonfire and firework pictures.

We choose bright colours to replicate the bright colours than can be seen on bonfire night. 


We we had lots of discussions about what we saw on bonfire night. We also talked about the importance of always staying with an adult when we are watching the fireworks and the bonfire. 


The he children used black card and chalk to create a smoky picture of a bonfire scene.