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The children have been using their knowledge of place value to exchange 10 ones for a ten stick. They rolled a die to generate a number in a race to collect 3 ten sticks.

The children have been exchanging 1p coins for other coins of the same value.

The children have continued to explore capacity and volume. They investigated which container had the greatest volume by counting how many cups of sand or rice each container would hold. They found out that the tallest container does not always have the greatest capacity.

This week in maths we are learning about capacity. The children used rice and sand to fill their contaners to mathch with their volume card.

This week in maths the children have been find out aboyt fraction - havles and quarters. They made shapes with playdough then cut them into haves or quarters. We discussed how all of the parts need to be equal.

As part of our maths lesson, we went outside and used chalk to represent numbers using 10 sticks and 1s.

The children have been learning about even Steven and odd Todd. They chose a number and used counters to find out if the number is odd or even, they then placed their number on the grid.

The children have been making repeated patterns.

The children have been sorting and grouping a selection of items. They sorted them according g to colour, size, type of transport, hair colour.