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Autumn 2 Super Powers

Lights, Camera, Action... for our fabulous Nativity!

Pumpkin School!

We enjoyed exploring in Pumpkin School this week. We measured the different sized pumpkins, counted all the different spooky creatures, investigated inside the pumpkin and listened to the story Funny Bones. We looked at real bones and use the Internet to find out lots about the many, many bones in our bodies. We were  skeleton experts and used lots of new words like spine, ribs and skull. 

We have been learning about how and why people celebrate Diwali. We made Rangoli patterns, Barfi sweets, clay diva lamps, mehndi hand designs and stick puppets of the characters from the story of Rama and Sita.

The Adventures of Supertato and the Evil Peas...

The children have been so engaged in our theme of Supervegetables. We used the story of Supertato as a stimulus to create our own characters, wanted posters and super story strips. The evil peas caused lots of mischief.... They had frozen vegetables, made a mess of the classroom and trapped the vegetables to the table. We needed to make some amazing traps to catch them once and for all!!!!