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Autumn 2

What if we used milk to make the bread instead of water? It will not be horrible - GBo, It will be white AF. So we made our bread with milk. It looks like bread and cake - AFi. Then children tried the bead, we had a mixed responce, some children liked it and others did not.

All the children had a piece of bread dough to knead. The children then wached the bread rise.

All the children helped to add the ingredients.

The children have been investigating making bread. First they observed the flour. It is soft - EMc, it is white-FP, it is like powder -TP, it is smooth -E. We discussed that flour is a solid material. Then the children observed some water. I can see through it - GBr, it is a liquid - JA. The children then poured the water on the flour and observed the changes. It looks like milk -FP, it smells like porridge -AF, they have combined -KP, the flour is at the bottom - BP. Finally they mixed the flour and water together. Some of the flour is floating -JB, the flour has mixed with the water-LE.