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Autumn 2

Week 4


This week we are going to be writing a new fable independently. 

We are really enjoying our time in the library & we have found 3 'Golden Tickets' so far 🌟

Week 3


This week we continued our work on fables. We aimed to use adverbs in our writing to add information to our sentence and to make our writing more entertaining for the reader. We also planned our own fables using a story mountain format and wrote the various parts of the fable daily carefully considering the success criteria.

Identifying key features of fables

SPAG outdoor learning - 'a or an'

Week 1 and 2


We have started looking at fables. A fable is a story that features animals, plants or forces of nature which are anthropomorphised (given human qualities). A fable always ends with a ‘moral’. We looked  at The Hare and the Tortoise. In this fable, both animals are anthropomorphised in that they can speak and are competing against each other in a race. The arrogant hare stops to sleep halfway through the race because he is convinced he has enough time to do this and then rejoin the race and win it. Meanwhile, the slow but determined tortoise keeps going and wins while the hare is asleep. 

We imagined we were going to interview the hare and tortoise and thought of questions to ask them. We then worked in groups of 3 each taking on a role of either the hare, tortoise or interviewer. We recorded the interviews using iMovie on the iPads. We used green screening to make it appear as though we were actually at a racetrack and added music and sounds effects such as cheering.

Prepositions to describe the image - under, beneath, opposite etc