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Autumn 2

This half term the children will be finding out about The Great Fire of London.

To end our topic on 'The Great Fire of London' , the childen discussed the inpact it has had on life today. Houses are now built from stone - AFi, The houses are not close together - JL.. Our ovens are safer because they have a switch - KP.

The children created a picure of 'the Great Fire of London'. They used tissue paper for the flames and black strips to creat the houses.

The Great Fire of London day. All the children had an amazing day dressing up as Tudors, firemen, chimney sweeps, bakers and we even had a fire. The day started with a show of all the costumes and a discussion of why the Tudors wore caps, wigs and aprons. Then the children decorated their boxes to look like Tudor houses ready for us to create the streets of London. Next the children wrote a diary entry with a quill, on old paper that had been rescued from the fire. After that all the children in KS1 went to reinact the time line of events from the four days which the fire was burning. Finally we went outside to see the streets of London, but the baker hadn't put out the fire in the oven!

The children took part in a fire drill, when they returned to class they went on a hunt around school to find fire safety equipment.