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Autumn 2

London's Burning!

We created a VAC timeline of events 

The children made their own houses in the style of the old Tudor houses.

The children learned about how Samuel Pepys's diary was an important historical source  which  was  that has helped us know about the events of the Great Fire as they unfolded.

The children role played writing on a piece of unbleached paper with a feather (quill) 

The children came dressed up for our Great Fire of London day. There were flames, bakers, maids, kings, Samuel Pepys, street urchins and Samuel Pepys lookalikes!

Well done everyone!

To kick start our topic 'London's Burning' we had a fire drill. We talked about the organisation involved with fire safety in school. The children looked around the school for fire break points, fire extinguishers and other fire safety related notices and equipment.