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Autumn 2

At the beginning of December we went outside to look again at the leaf fall from the same trees we observed at the beginning of November.

The children were asked to think of one thing they woukld change when making bread, method or ingredient . They wrote their ideas down on post its.

The children voted to make bread without yeast to see what would happen.

The children looked at and described the ingredients used to make bread then predicted what would happen when a little  flour is added to water. They described what happened then we made dough. The children played with the dough , twisting, stretching, rolling etc and described it's properties. The dough was put back in a pot and left overnight. Half the dough that was not played with was baked and the children described the changes when the dough was heated - then ate the bread!

The children  looked at the properties of four different types of bread then recorded  them  on a chart. they then compared two breads for similarities and differences 

We talked about the changing amount of daylight hours and the impact it has on the environment around us. We discussed the meaning of the words deciduous and evergreen then went outside to look for leaf fall off different species of trees. The children  recorded on a chart whether none, some, most or all leaves had fallen off the trees.