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Autumn 2

This week we reviewed the numbers up to ten and then moved on to the numbers from ten to twenty. Our pronunciation is really improving. We chanted the numbers together and then played a game of bingo. It was lots of fun!


Une oie, deux oie


This week we are continuing to look at numbers and counting in French. We looked at a famous French counting rhyme Une oie, deux oie. We practised this in small groups and then devised our own clapping games with the numbers one to ten in French.




We looked at the numbers zero to ten in French. We had to get into groups of that number when Mrs Kennerley called out the number in French! We are trying really hard with our French pronunciation!


On Wednesday we looked at the song Le Fermier dans san pré . The farmers in his den. We compared the french version to the english version. We really enjoyed singing in french together!


Why not have a go?


Le fermier dans son pré,
le fermier dans son pré,
ohé, ohé, ohé,
le fermier dans son pré.

Le fermier prend sa femme,
le fermier prend sa femme,
ohé, ohé, ohé
le fermier prend sa femme.

La femme prend son enfant,

la femme prend son enfant,

ohé, ohé, ohé

la femme prend son enfant.
L’enfant prend la nourrice,

l’enfant prend la nourrice,

ohé, ohé, ohé

l’enfant prend la nourrice.
La nourrice prend son chat,

la nourrice prend son chat,

ohé, ohé, ohé

la nourrice prend son chat.
Le chat prend sa souris,

le chat prend sa souris,

ohé, ohé, ohé

le chat prend sa souris.

La souris prend son fromage,

la souris prend son fromage,

ohé, ohé, ohé

la souris prend son fromage.

Le fromage est battu,
le fromage est battu,

ohé, ohé, ohé
le fromage est battu.