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Autumn 1



This term we are studying the artist Alberto Giacometti and Pablo Picasso. 


Week 6


This week we looked at the Weeping Woman by Picasso. We created our own versions on paper and then using Sketchbook on the IPads. We loved using the Apple pencils and we really enjoyed exploring the variety of tools and colours.


Week 5


This week we are going to be evaluating the maquette sculptures we created. We will be thinking about what we liked about our work, how we could improve our work if we did it again and how our work was similar to the work of Alberto Giacometti.


Week 4


This week we looked at the artist Pablo Picasso. We examined the Surrealist art created by Picasso.  We made our own Picasso sculptures using a card cylinder and paper. We focused on methods of joining and the surrealist aspect of the facial features.

Week 3


This week we continued to discover more about the life of Giacometti. We explored further his human sculptures and his interest in the way humans move. We thought about our range of action poses from the previous sessions. We then each made our own Maquette from tin foil. We aimed to manipulate the arms and legs into an action stance. 

Making Maquettes

Week 1 and 2


We started our topic by considering how human actions and poses can be represented through drawing and sketching. We worked in pairs and thought of different action poses. We then sketched these in our Art books and also used ICT too. We took photographs of each other on the iPads then imported the photograph into Sketchbook. Using the drawing tools we were able to sketch over the top of the image and then remove the photograph to reveal our sketch on a blank background. We really enjoyed this activity and thought of some really imaginative poses.