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Autumn 1


This half term our unit of work is Net and Wall games. 

We loved meeting former Pendle pupil and inspirational cricketer Alex Hartley

Week 4


This week continued to consolidate throwing actions and practised catching. We suggested ideas and practises to improve our play and we practised striking a ball using a racket. We thought carefully about improving our movement skills and body positions.

Developing fitness - A weekly mile

Week 3 - Throwing and Target Practise

Week 1 and 2


So far we have consolidated a range of throwing actions and practised our catching skills. We have practised throwing over-arm, 2 handed, 1 handed and low and high throws. We have aimed to throw to our partner and a target. We thought about where we needed to send the ball and decided on the most effective pass.

Warm Up - 'Gears' & 'Dishes and Domes'