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Art Club

Art Club

Art Club currently has members from Year 1 to Year 6. 


This half term we are designing chairs and painting our designs on with acrylic paint. We have the freedom to design our chair any way we wish. 

Scroll down to see our progress so far.

Week 1

We looked at the Manchester 'Bee in the City' project and shared ideas for our own design. We sketched our ideas on paper too.

Week 2

We started to paint our chairs. We have been painting a base colour and then we will be adding our design and detail on after.

Week 3

We are still working on our base colour! Although, one or two of us have started adding our designs.

Week 4

We are starting to add detail!

Week 5

Nearly there!

Week 6

Our final week. Take a look at our finished chairs. We have really enjoyed the project and hope to do another one soon. 


Keep an eye out for our chairs. They are going on their travels for a tour  in Clitheroe shops.