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We practised collage skills using paper - we scrunched, twisted, folded and  curled strips of paper using a base of yellow to represent the sand and blues and white to represent the sea water.

Applying the paint techniques we have been learning in the style of the artist Picasso

The children mixed yellow and red to achieve the different shades of orange

Shades of colours

We practised how to make  colours darker and  lighter by adding white or black to a colour

Looking for different shades of green in the wildlife garden

Mixing colours

We used the primary colours and mixed them to create other colours


We experimented using  paint with  different tools such as brushes, spatulas, cotton buds, sponges and lollipop sticks. We practised in our art books. 

Romero Britto rockets

Collage winter trees

We practised layering tissue paper using different types of adhesive

  • glue stick under the tissue

  • PVA under the tissue

  • PVA under and over the tissue

Clitheroe castle keep - applying line, shape and tone in drawing