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Lowry Charcoal Sketches

Summer 1

This half term we are looking at portraits and the different ways artists have portrayed people. We have drawn our own self portraits and looked at the work of Picasso. We investigated Cubism and the way in which all of the facial features can be seen.

Spring 1

This half term, we have been looking at the effect of light in paintings. We have compared the work of the artists Monet and Turner. We found out how Impressionist painters liked to work too.


We have used a range of tools and media. We explored the use of watercolours and have been learning to use a wash to start our paintings.

Autumn 2

Week 4

We made our own clay sculptures and set them up as art installations in various places around school.

Week 3

We have been looking at the work of Anthony Gormley. We linked our ideas to PSHE and the theme 'All different, all equal'.

Week 1

We are investigating sculpture using natural form.

This week we looked at places around school that would be improved by a sculpture.

In class, we made simple sculptures in the style of Henry Moore by using three stones and a bit of modelling material.