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Animals, Habitats and Classification

Animal classification


Imagine that a new zoo is going to open in your local area. You have been asked to sort and group the animals so that similar species can be housed in enclosures near one another.


Have a look at the photos below to see how class 6A got on in their roles as taxonomists...


Creating a classification key for sweets

Improving the habitat for wildlife in our school grounds


We discussed the animals we might find inhabiting our school environment, from bugs to birds to small mammals such as hedgehogs and mice, to predators like foxes and cats.

We talked about how human influence might have both negative and positive affects on wildlife.

We thought of ways we could have a positive impact on our local wildlife and decided to make bird feeders to improve the habitat in our locality. We thought carefully about where we would place the bird feeders. We will monitor wildlife we see using them and see how quickly they get eaten. Have a look at our pictures below.

Bird Feeders