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A weekly message from Mrs Kennerley


Monday 13th July 2020



Dear children,


I have really enjoyed teaching you this year. You are all so talented in many different ways and that's what makes each and every one of you unique. I hope you have enjoyed being in my class and that you have some happy memories from your time in 3K. Please remember to say hello when you see me around school when we return. I really hope you enjoy your new class and I wish you lots of success for the future.


Take care and have a wonderful summer holiday,


Mrs Kennerley heart



Monday 6th July 2020



Hello boys and girls,


Welcome to another week of Home Learning. Fingers crossed for some sunshine on Tuesday for Pendle Primary's virtual Sports Day. There are lots of super sporting activities for you to get involved in. If possible please send me a photo or two of you taking part. 

There are also lots of great learning activities on the foundation grid this week. This week in DT your challenge is to make the structure you designed last week. I cannot wait to hear about and see your designs come to life.

Did you know yesterday was the NHS's 72nd birthday. We are all so grateful grateful to the healthcare workers, such as nurses and doctors, who have been helping to look after people during the coronavirus pandemic. There's a great article on Newsround about the various ways in which the special day was celebrated. Please click the below link.


Missing you all, have a lovely week,


Mrs Kennerley heart


Monday 29th June 2020



Hello children, 


What beautiful weather we've had this week. I hope you have all managed to have some fun outside in the sunshine. 

I hope you all enjoy the home learning this week. Mr Dibb has organised a virtual Pendle School Sports Day on Thursday 2nd July. What a super opportunity to celebrate all your fantastic sporting abilities. This means on Thursday there will be no Maths, English or foundation subject expectations, simply a day to unwind with some fabulous physical activity. Please remember to send me photo's or video's to 

This week you might also want to take a look at the 'Six Badges of Summer' on Newsround. This is a challenge you can get involved in. So how does it all work? Well, there's a wall chart you can download to help you keep track of your progress with loads of ideas and inspiration for challenges based on the six different Blue Peter badges up for grabs. Why not click the link to take a look?


Please try really hard this week to complete your 10 weekly set TT Rockstar sessions. Only 11 children completed last week. We are in a battle this week with 2M and they are really keen players, so please try your best.


Take care,


Mrs Kennerley heart








Monday 22nd June 2020




Hello to you all,


Just to let you know I am missing you. I know it is hard to be away from school but all of the staff at school are so incredibly proud of you. If you have watched the video message from Mrs Nunns you will have heard Mrs Nunns talking about many of the school values which are very important at this time. You all need to try your best to persevere and show resilience but it is also important to experience enjoyment and creativity.

I know many of you trying your best, whilst also being kind and trying to stay in touch with friends and this is super.

This week there are lots more lovely learning opportunities in English, Maths and on the foundation topic grid and I hope you enjoy your home learning.

Please remember to email me if possible, it makes my day to find out and see what you have been up to at home.

This week on the grid for PHSE there is a recipe/baking activity. Have you been getting into the Bake Off spirit in lockdown? Whether you're the next Mary Berry or just starting out, I'm sure you'll enjoy this simple sweet treat! Follow the link below to the Newsround website. They spoke to Masterchef finalist Imran Nathoo who showed them a really easy and delicious brownie recipe you can try at home. Yum! So why not give it a go? Please remember to always get an adult's help when baking.



Happy baking, take care,


Mrs Kennerley heart




Monday 15th June 2020



Hello children and welcome to another week of home learning,


It has been lovely this week to receive lots of emails again letting me know what you are doing, how you are and showing me examples of your super work. It's so nice to hear from lots of parents too about how hard you are trying and the enthusiasm you show to complete the set work.


I have started a new TT Rockstar battle this week against 6A, this is very ambitious so we need to work hard and play as much as possible. A lot of children aren't completing their weekly 10 sessions, please try to do this. It's a good idea to do a little each day rather than cramming at the end of the week.


I have added the answers to the riddle document from last week, take a peek to see if you were correct and I've also added a new document with ones to try this week. I have also added a new story to the 'Story Time with Mrs Kennerley subpage, I hope you enjoy it smiley


As always there's a new video message from me too so take a look at that.


Did you know it was World Oceans Day last week on Monday 8th June? Why not check out these awesome pictures on the Newsround website - they're the winners of the United Nations World Oceans Day Photo Competition.


Why not send me an email this week, even if it's just to say hello, I'd love to hear from you.


Mrs Kennerley heart






Monday 8th June 2020




Hello Children,


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. At last we've had some rain to help the plants. It has been lovely to be able to speak to so many children this week on the telephone. I really enjoyed hearing all about your home learning and the many exciting things you have been up to at home.

Remember to email me photo's, pieces of work or even just to say hello. The email address to contact me directly on is


I think you will enjoy the home learning this week. There are many activities on the Foundation subject planning grid and the Maths and English looks good too.


I have added a video this week of me reading a story. The story is called 'Whales’ Song’ I hope you enjoy it smiley


I hope you are enjoying reading at home too, I bought a new book and I have been enjoying reading that before I go to sleep.



A new children's book has been released on World Environment Day to share a positive message of hope as we start to come out from the coronavirus lockdown. 'What Happened When We All Stopped' is written by best-selling author Tom Rivett-Carnac, who has spent the last 20 years working on climate change. He played an important role in helping create the Paris Agreement on climate change in 2015, which was signed by 195 countries. Tom decided to use the lockdown as an opportunity to write a story about how to rebuild our environment and tackle climate change.


What Happened When We All Stopped is available to read or download for free online. Find out a bit more about it at 


Enjoy your week, take care,


Mrs Kennerley heart




Monday 1st June 2020




Hello to you all and welcome back,


I hope you've all had an enjoyable half term, what beautiful weather we've had. Why not send me an email to let me know what you did over half term? I'd love to hear all about it and maybe you could even attach some photo's too? Please email me at

I have a new bike so I've been out cycling with Mr Kennerley and the girls. Ava has a bike which attaches onto the back of an adult bike so she can peddle too and doesn't struggle to keep up!

I know lots of you like cycling too, I've been sent photo's and some of you have even sent through screenshots of the routes you have cycled via tracking app's. Brilliant smiley


I've uploaded another video message with new riddles, please email me if you think you have solved them. 


We've seen lots of beautiful butterflies recently, but check out this super Moth article on Newsround. We often think butterflies are pretty and colourful, and moths a bit dull. But it's not true!

A photo of a spectacular-looking Rosy Maple Moth, was taken in the back garden of writer Rebecca Lavoie It has beautiful bright colours and an unusual pattern.


Maybe next time you go on a walk you could try to spot butterflies and then try to identify the species on the internet with adult support?





Take care and I hope you enjoy your Home Learning this week,


Mrs Kennerley heart





Monday 18th May 2020


Hello children,


Missing you all and your smiley faces smiley What have you been doing this week as well as your Home Learning? Mr Kennerley has been working hard in our garden to try to get it ready for summer time. I have done lots of planting and tidying this week too. Ava has enjoyed using the hose and doing some weeding.

I have received lots of emails this week from you, thank you! If you haven’t already done so make sure you have a peek in the 'Super Home Learning' folder there are photographs and videos showing of lots of amazing work. Wow, I'm so incredibly proud of you yes

Lots of children also emailed me the answers to the riddles, brilliant. Can you solve this weeks riddles? Watch the video of Ava and I and email me to let me know your answers. Send your answers to and I will reply to you directly.


Click the link below to take part in a Newsround quiz: Can you name the tree? The UK is full of lots of different kinds of trees - all are beautiful and unique in their own way. And identifying a tree isn't as hard as it seems... Take the Newsround quiz and see how many trees you can recognise.  



Take care, keep working hard,


Mrs Kennerley heart




Monday 11th May 2020


Hello children,


I hope you are all staying safe and trying hard with your Home Learning. Thank you to those children who have emailed me this week, it's been lovely to hear about and see what you have been doing. This week we have been out walking each day. We have noticed lots of wild flowers, some which we haven't seen before. Conservation charity Plantlife says lots of areas that would normally be mowed down or trimmed haven't been during lockdown, and this has meant that wildflowers have had more chances to grow. If you go out on a daily walk, click on the link and see which of these flowers have you spotted? And if you've seen any others why not take a photo and let me know.


Please email me if you can this week. I love to receive emails from you. smiley


Take care, missing you,


Mrs Kennerley heart










Monday 4th May 2020


Hello children,


Wow can you believe May is here already? Did you know May is National Strawberry month? 

There are over 400 different varieties of strawberry, and each berry produces approximately 200 seeds on the outside of the fruit. They’re nutritious too and strawberries are low in sugar and excellent sources of vitamins C and K. Why not ask an adult if you can have a go at planting and growing your own? Click the link to Find out how.


It's been wonderful again to receive so many emails from you. Thank you for sending examples of your work, videos and photo's. Some children emailed to let me know they had solved the riddles from last weeks video message smiley brilliant. Check out this week's video and get your thinking caps on to try to solve the riddles.


Here's a nice article including a list of 5 fun activities you can try that involve nature - but don't necessarily involve leaving the house.


Missing you all very much. Keep working hard, I'm proud of you all.


Mrs Kennerley heart





Monday 27th April 2020


Hello 3K,


Missing you all very much. If you haven't been in touch yet please could you try to send me an email this week to let me know how you are and what you have been doing? I'd love to hear from you :) Ava and Lily are trying really hard with their Home Learning and I know lots of you are too as I've seen examples of lots of super work plus photographs and videos. Keep sending them in please.


Remember it is also very important to make sure you get out and do some exercise each day. We have been walking, cycling and I've been doing some Aerobic Maths with Ava too. This week I'm planning on trying to make a Victoria sponge cake, I haven't made one for a very long time so I'll post a photo to show you what it is like. Mrs Kennerley is not the best baker in the world but I try hard and remember I like to say, practise makes perfect! :)


We won the Times Table Rockstar battle against 4D, well done, I'm really proud of you. 2M have started a battle against us. They are keen players so we are going to need to work hard and work as a team. 


See below a link to a lovely Newsround article about rainbow interpretations created by children.

Maybe you could make one at home and send it to me and I'll display them on our page. Send to 


Lots of love to you all, stay safe children, heart


Mrs Kennerley x








Monday 20th April


Welcome back 3K. I hope that you have all managed to have some quality family time. We have enjoyed, baking, painting and playing table tennis. smiley

Our learning from home continues as before. Please keeping working hard and I will be in touch with you all over the next three weeks.  We now have a new email address for staying in touch. Please use this address to send in your messages, photos and videos as it is a direct link to me.

I've started a battle today against 4D on TT Rockstars. They are very keen players so we are going to need to try hard and work as a team. The battle concludes at 9 o'clock on Friday morning. Come on we can do it!


Thank you to all those children who have emailed to let me know what they are doing and sending photo's too. To those I haven't heard from please email me, I'd love to hear from you.


Just before I go I thought you'd like to see this it's all about how wildlife experts are seeing some hidden benefits of lockdown for animals and wildlife.

Places that used to be noisy, with lots of people walking or driving around, are now much quieter.

This is means that wildlife and animals, that are usually shy and sensitive to disturbances, might now be easier to spot as they come out of hiding. We went on a walk yesterday and saw lots of pheasant and even a flock of wild geese.


Mrs Kennerley x



Happy Easter 3K


Wishing you and your family a very 'Happy Easter'. 


Love to you all, stay safe,


Mrs Kennerley x



Week 2


Hello 3K,


I hope you have all been working hard this week and also enjoying the sunshine. Thank you to those children who have sent through photographs and videos of their home learning. I've created a rainbow folder in the Home Learning page to show all of your superb achievements. Try to send through one a week if possible and I'll upload them for your friends to see :) Send them to the home learning email address please.


We are currently in a battle with 5R on TT Rockstars and we are in the lead at the moment. Some children have not played yet. Try to play a little each day. Some children are playing lots, I'm really proud of you - keep it up!


I've uploaded a few photo's to show what we've been up to at home. Ava has been enjoying dancing and learning her times tables watching BBC Supermovers we've also been playing dominoes and we made playdough. I used a recipe from 1R/L's Home Learning page. Why not make some with an adult?


PS - This made me smile - Acts of kindness and ways people are spreading cheer :)


Missing you all, stay safe.


Mrs Kennerley x


Week 1


Hello 3K,


I hope you are all taking care and working hard doing your home learning each day. Remember it is important to exercise once a day and there are some fantastic ideas in the P.E. part of the 'Home Learning' folder. Joe Wicks is also hosting live PE classes on YouTube from Monday to Friday everyday until we are back at school. These start at 9am and begin with a five minute warm up, before ten minutes of exercising, a two minute break and then another ten minutes of exercising. Go for it 3K!


Remember to try to be well behaved for your parents and ask if you can help around the house. Ava has been watering plants, Lily has been helping to set the table and they are trying hard with their home learning too.

I know you are probably missing family and friends (I am too!) but hopefully it won't be too long before we are back together as a class :) 


Please keep up with TT Rockstars - I'm checking who has been on and who hasn't! 


Parents - I've also added some Maths Useful website links in the 'Home Learning' 'Maths' folder.


Take care, I'll post another message next week,


Mrs Kennerley x

Remember with permission to take your learning outside into the garden 🧩 have fun!