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Week 2


Hello 3K,


I hope you have all been working hard this week and also enjoying the sunshine. Thank you to those children who have sent through photographs and videos of their home learning. I've created a rainbow folder in the Home Learning page to show all of your superb achievements. Try to send through one a week if possible and I'll upload them for your friends to see :) Send them to the home learning email address please.


We are currently in a battle with 5R on TT Rockstars and we are in the lead at the moment. Some children have not played yet. Try to play a little each day. Some children are playing lots, I'm really proud of you - keep it up!


I've uploaded a few photo's to show what we've been up to at home. Ava has been enjoying dancing and learning her times tables watching BBC Supermovers we've also been playing dominoes and we made playdough. I used a recipe from 1R/L's Home Learning page. Why not make some with an adult?


PS - This made me smile - Acts of kindness and ways people are spreading cheer :)


Missing you all, stay safe.


Mrs Kennerley x

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Week 1


Hello 3K,


I hope you are all taking care and working hard doing your home learning each day. Remember it is important to exercise once a day and there are some fantastic ideas in the P.E. part of the 'Home Learning' folder. Joe Wicks is also hosting live PE classes on YouTube from Monday to Friday everyday until we are back at school. These start at 9am and begin with a five minute warm up, before ten minutes of exercising, a two minute break and then another ten minutes of exercising. Go for it 3K!


Remember to try to be well behaved for your parents and ask if you can help around the house. Ava has been watering plants, Lily has been helping to set the table and they are trying hard with their home learning too.

I know you are probably missing family and friends (I am too!) but hopefully it won't be too long before we are back together as a class :) 


Please keep up with TT Rockstars - I'm checking who has been on and who hasn't! 


Parents - I've also added some Maths Useful website links in the 'Home Learning' 'Maths' folder.


Take care, I'll post another message next week,


Mrs Kennerley x

Remember with permission to take your learning outside into the garden 🧩 have fun!

Remember with permission to take your learning outside into the garden  🧩 have fun!  1