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A Message From Mrs Worsley


I hope you are enjoying your home learning activities. From the pictures you have been send I can see you home learning books are fantastic, you are all definitely trying your best and working extremely hard. 

It is lovey to see and hear about some of the other activities you have been doing to, like baking, playing games and having a virtual game of bingo with family that you are not able to see right now. 

I look forward to receiving your messages and pictures. 

I miss you all.

Mrs Worsley

Ilona send me these two colouring pages, she thought you might like them. 

These are the ones Ilona had coloured. 😍

Thursday 2nd April 

It is a little bit rainy today so thought I would share some activities with you, for when you have finished your home learning.
You could play a board game (one of my favourite pastimes especially if it is Disney).
You could go on an alphabet hunt around your house and list the items that you find in alphabetical order. 

You could play a card game - I like Uno. 

Enjoy 🐰

Mrs Worsley😊


Wednesday 1st April

I hope you and your families are all well. Have you been listening to our class novel and answering the questions? I think Pepper and Sasha would like to explore the woods, they enjoy running through the trees. 
Have a fun packed day! 
Keep sending me pictures of your wonderful work and activities. 
love Mrs Worsley 😊

Tuesday 31st March
I hope you and your family are keeping safe. I’m working from home today so I have got Pepper and Sasha to keep me company while Mr Worsley goes to work and Drew being home from uni sleeps all day πŸ€”. Although I am missing seeing Ilona and Grant, we do have FaceTime and they are listening to our class novel. 

I have been joining in with Joe Wicks PE sessions, have you? 🐣
Have you made a rainbow for your window? I would love to see them if you have. 
Enjoy your day and keep up the fantastic learning you are doing. 
love Mrs Worsley 😊

Monday-30th March

After a busy day in school, I arrived home to so many emails and they were from YOU! I like that some of you are playing monopoly like me. The work you are all doing is fantastic and seeing you smiling faces brings a tear to my eye. I am so proud of you all! 🐰
I miss you all dearly.

Keep the pictures and messages coming, they put a huge smile on my face. 
Look out for our class novel tomorrow- see you there!!! 
Roo has been enjoying himself in our classroom. Take a look at the pictures. 
love Mrs Worsley πŸ’•


I saw this shadow activity and thought this might be nice to try on such a sunny day.
You could even ask a member of you family if they could match the items to the correct shadow once you have finished. 

Picture 1
Thank you for the wonderful plant quiz, I really enjoyed it. I hope I got all the answers correct. 

How have you spent your Saturday? I have been watching one of my favourite movies! Zootropolis. Mr Worsley and I are going to play monopoly, I need to keep an eye on him for cheating. What board games do you like to play?

At last the weekend is here, I hope you have enjoyed your first week of home learning.  


I am looking forward to seeing your home learning books and hearing about all the wonderful things you have done in your houses.

Thank you for sending pictures of you completing your home learning and doing other wonderful activities at home. It is lovely for me to see your smiles - which are keeping me smiling too!


Please continue to send any pictures to me via the home learning email and I will put them on our class page for everyone to see. Your  creative activities might give other people ideas that they could try.


Look out for the 'Fantastic Learning at Home' icon on our class page.


Miss you all

Mrs Worsley x