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Spring 2



This half term we will be focusing on Invasion Games.


Week 2 and 3


We have developed our chest pass skills and are also using bounce passes. We have really enjoyed our Roefield sessions using the space in small groups of 4 or 5, passing the ball using bounce and chest passes. We have been alternating between who is an attacker and a defender, practising our interception skills and accuracy. 


Week 1


We really enjoyed our first session outside in the sunshine! We worked in pairs with a ball developing our skills using chest passes. We aimed to:


Release the ball at chest height.

Keep our fingers spread around the ball in W shape.

Keep our elbows tucked in.

Transfer our weight forward and push the ball.

Extend and follow through with arms, wrists and fingers.


We then got into groups of 4 in a triangular formation 2 children at one point and one at each of the others and chest passed the ball running to the next point as we did so. It was fast paced and great fun!