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Spring 1

Week 2


This week we are looking at fractions. We understand that fractions are equal parts of a whole. We know that when writing a fraction the numerator is the part and the denominator is the whole.



We have explored sets of objects such as counters. We know that the total number is the denominator and the objects/counters which meet a certain criteria such as red in colour is the numerator.

We have also found fractions of shapes and explored finding unit and non unit fractions of amounts.




Week 1


This week we are looking at Place Value, Counting and Mental Addition and Subtraction.  Today we looked at lots of reasoning and problem solving questions. For example 'My number has eight ones, five tens and three hundreds.' What is my number? and find all the 3-digit numbers you can using the digit cards 8, 1 and 4. We enjoyed using the Base 10 equipment to make a variety of 3-digit numbers.