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Spring 1

Week 2


Continuing with our balanced argument focus this week our topic for debate has been whether it is better to be an adult or a child. We have thought of some fantastic arguments for both sides. We have explained our arguments really well using conjunctions to create complex sentences. We are really improving at presenting information from different points of view and our ability to debate and listen to others opinions is getting better and better!



Week 1


Balanced Argument


We have started to examine balanced arguments. We know that a balanced argument has arguments for and against. On Tuesday we discussed whether or not children should be allowed to eat chocolate. Firstly we examined research for both sides of the argument. We found that although chocolate does have many benefits there are also arguments against its consumption.

We then worked in partners and held a silent debate. It was really interesting to read the children's arguments and they tried really hard to use complex sentences with conjunctions to support their arguments. Wow!  


On Wednesday we looked at the debate 'Are Premier League footballers paid too much?' we examined a piece of text which gave arguments for and against. We highlighted both sides of the argument and identified other features such as the use of conjunctions and the introduction. What an interesting class discussion we had!