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The children looked at a bottle of clear liquid then predicted what was in it giving their reasons. 

The bottle was opened and a hissing sound was heard. The children were asked to explain why it made that sound.

The lemonade was poured into transparent cups then the children had to predict what would happen if raisins were added. They then had to describe and explain what actually happened.

Further predictions and tests  observations were carried out. 

Dancing Raisins

We made Rocket Mice and went outside to launch them!

We worked in groups of three finding who'se mouse went the furthest, recording the distances on a floor graph. We measured the distance each mouse travelled then thought about how we could make the mouse go even further.

We investigated why it is important to brush our teeth thoroughly for two minutes twice a day

Banana, Weetabix and saliva (water) all chewed up by our teeth (duplo brick)

We found out how easily germs can be passed on by shaking hands around a circle. All hands had some glitter transferred onto them. 

We looked at the Eatwell Guide before designing a healthy Pizza. We made sure there was something from each food group on our designs

We looked at a selection of cereals and voted for the one we thought was the healthiest.

We put them in rank order from the most healthy to the least healthy and justified our reasons for their position on  post its. Then we looked at the actual sugar content in each cereal and put them in order from the cereal with least amount of sugar to the cereal with most amount of sugar. After we had seen the amount of sugar  a small bowl of cereal, we voted again for the most healthy cereal.

Naughty Nora the puppy is not yet house trained and has many accidents. The children were asked to help find the best material out of a selection to mop up Naughty Naura's wee!

We tested each material after discussing how to ensure the tests were fair.