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Teamwork - Friday 23rd March


Throughout the day we looked at what it meant to be part of a team!


We did a range of activities where the children had to work together to complete the task.


We enjoyed Chinese whispers, and realised the importance of careful listening to other people in our team. 

We had to fold the fabric in half without touching the floor with our feet!

Differences day - 17th January 


We looked at what differences means to us. Below are just some of the things we said;

Picture 1

We read the story Something else by Kathryn Cave.

In the story Soemthing else is left out for being different, he can't join in at lunchtimes and nobody plays with him.


When Soemthing comes along he realises that being different doesn't matter and that they can still be friends. 

All different

All equal


Anti-bullying week.

In 1R we looked at what makes us proud of ourselves and how we are all special.

We then looked at what makes a good friend.


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Friday 29th September, 2017


Today we used our charity day to think about the work of the charity Shelter and how they support families and people who are homeless or live in unsafe housing.

We began to think about what we need in a home, and our opinions on our homes.



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