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On Monday our classroom was left in a huge mess! My chair was broken, porridge oats had been left all over the floor and an empty bowl of porridge had been left in the home corner. Who could it be? The children got straight to work and were excellent detectives. They found footprints, golden hair and even a map of a forest! The children soon came to the conclusion that it must be Goldilocks. On Tuesday we received an email from Mummy Bear! She explained that when Goldilocks trashed our classroom her porridge recipe had disappeared and without it she can’t make porridge for Daddy and Baby Bear. She needed the children's help. We put together a list of ingredients and then the children worked in groups to make the perfect porridge for Mummy Bear. The children used some fanctastic mathematical vocabulary such as 'almost full' and 'empty' whilst working together as a team! Lots of science and investigating too! The children are very excited to put together a brand new recipe for Mummy Bear with our findings. 

Today we received a letter from one of the Three Little Pigs asking if he could stay in our classroom over the weekend. We had to make labels for the pig to make sure he knew where everything was. I wonder what will happen on Monday! 

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The Year 1 children have been working on capital letters this week. We started with a capital letter hunt. The children had to match the lower case letter to the correct capital letter. Lots of fun had by all!