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Valuing Differences - PSHE Theme Day - November 2019


Today we have discussed and celebrated our uniqueness and differences.

We concluded the day by all agreeing that it makes our world and better place to be different.

Me and My Relationships PSHE Day - October 2019

We have been exploring and talking about our feelings today.

Part of our morning session included looking at many different pictures and photographs  - how did they make us feel?

We asked questions about our relationships:

*How do we feel if we fall out with our friends?

*What can we do to make it up to them  / make them feel better?

*What do we do to make our friends happy?

The day led to some very interesting discussions.

Picture 1

Charity Day - RSPCA

Today we have been looking at the charity RSPCA.

Mr Dibb brought his dog Mabel into class for the morning and we talked about the importance of being a responsible pet owner.

Mabel was very well behaved and had lots of fun with 4D!

We created our own RSPCA fact posters.