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Induction September 2023

Welcome to Clitheroe Pendle Primary School

We look forward to welcoming you to the Pendle family! 💜

If you have been offered a place at our school in Reception Year Group from Sept '23 by Lancashire County Council we are in the process of writing to you. Once you receive your letter please complete and return the Admission Form included to us asap to confirm your child's place.


It was lovely to meet many of you at our Induction Evening. If you were not able to attend, please call into the school office.


Between now and September…


1. Miss Zak and Miss Lancaster will visit the nurseries of the children joining us. Please do not worry if we visit on a day your child does not attend. We have a number of different nurseries to visit and although we aim to visit on days most children are attending, we will speak to your child’s nursery key worker about your child regardless of whether they attend on that day.

2. Your induction booklet will inform you of your child’s July visit. Please phone the office if you are not able to make the date on the booklet.


3. Please ensure Birth Certificates are brought to the school office. 

4. Keep an eye on this page as well for any updates. 

Leaping Lizards


Pendle school is not affiliated to Leaping Lizards in any way, but Leaping Lizards are hosting primary school starter sessions in preparation for September. There is a designated session for children starting at Pendle on Sunday 30th July 2023 9-11am! You can book this through their Facebook page. It is always a great way for parents and children to meet prior to September.


Information from the School Nursing Team

Pre-School Immunisation

Adult Learning

You may be interested in Lancashire Adult Learning's free course 'Ready steady School'. The course gives top tips on helping you to prepare for your child for starting school. Follow the link below.

Parent/Carer Guides

You can find a number of resources to give you information and guidance to support your child.

"School Readiness"

We know that being 'ready' to start school looks different for all children, but here are some website suggestions with some top tips into supporting your child as their venture into Primary School!

Life in Reception!

These are the links to RZ and 1RL, our Reception classes. Take a look on these pages to see what life in Reception is like at Pendle.