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Summer 2, Week 5

This week we have been investigating floating gardens. Floating gardens can be found in areas of the world with heavy flooding or severe drought as a way to maintain crop development. 

We tried to make our own raft for the garden and we tested them to see how many grams they could hold without sinking.



Summer 2, Week 4

This week we have been investigating seed dispersal. We have had fun with exploding balloon seed pods and paper spinners. 

Seed Dispersal

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Our planting challenge...

Summer 2, Week 3

This week we have been finding out how a plant can thrive. We are growing seeds in different environments to see what they require in order to develop into healthy plants.

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Mrs Smith brought in some of her herb plants from home for us to examine. We had fun smelling the different plants and thinking about their uses. We also looked at the herbs grown in school too. Our school smells very nice indeed! 

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Picture 4

Summer 2

We have just started our new plant topic. We thought about the different ways that plants can be used and then we ordered our ideas from the most important to the least important. 

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