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Summer Term 2

In science we have been learning about the life cycle of an oak tree. 

We began by drawing an oak tree (but Miss Markham didn't tell us it was an oak tree at this point).  One person was the sketcher and the others in our group had to look at the hidden tree and go back and explain part of it to the sketcher!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Our finished drawings .....

Picture 1 Very impressive!
Picture 2 Very impressive!
Picture 3 Very impressive!
Picture 4 Very impressive!

We went on an oak tree hunt in the school grounds.

The video clip shows how excited we were .... 


Still image for this video

Identifying oak trees and a sapling!

In Science, we have been identifying and naming a variety of common animals including some fish, some amphibians, some reptiles, some birds and some mammals.  

We have also grouped animals according to their different features and discussed the food chain of some animals.  🐟🐢🐪🐧🐍

We began by working in small groups to sort the animals according

to our own criteria .....


🐯🐤🐬🐘 1
🐯🐤🐬🐘 2

Our class display board 🐧🐅🐫

Our class display board 🐧🐅🐫 1
Our class display board 🐧🐅🐫 2
Our class display board 🐧🐅🐫 3

What's in the box? 📦

We asked questions using Science vocabulary to find out what animal was in the box! 

Some of the Science words used: mammal, amphibian, reptile, fish, bird,

cold-blooded, warm-blooded, fur, feathers, habitat, lay eggs, give birth to live young ....


Picture 1 What animal is in the box?

Food chains ... Can you see the predators, consumers and producers?

Food chains ... Can you see the predators, consumers and producers?  1 What excellent food chains!


We were so lucky to have a lamb visiting us at school. 

The lamb was only a few days old and we were able to ask lots of questions!

Picture 1
Picture 2