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Summer 2


In Science, we are looking at plants and their growth. 


Ask your child what we have been doing in Science this week.

In Science, we have designed and made our own floating gardens.

Cress experiment

Cress experiment  1
Cress experiment  2
Cress experiment  3
Cress experiment  4
What do you think will happen to the cress in the different conditions?

We enjoyed smelling the fragrances in the outdoor classroom.

We have started our topic by thinking about how plants are important to us. We worked in groups to order our ideas from the most important to the least important. We have also identified and described the different parts of a plant.

Parts of a plant

Parts of a plant 1
Parts of a plant 2
Parts of a plant 3
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Summer 1


In Science, we have been investigating muscles, how they work and our reaction times. We have undertaken a range of experiments to test different ideas.

Picture 1
Picture 2