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Outdoor Learning

Puddle play!

What a great way to spend a wet Wednesday...investigating puddles! We used our class boats and found other materials to make our own boats. We noticed that they all floated in the same direction.... was it the wind making them sail along together? We also worked out that the boats moved much better in deeper puddles but in the shallow ones they didn't really move at all. Then found different ways of making the boats move, we used our feet, hands, sticks and straws to make them sail even faster. If water got inside our boats it caused a problem as they would eventually sink. Finally we explored the powder paint in the puddles.... We had to stand and observe carefully what happened when the dry paint met the wet soggy puddle. Guess what? It made bubbles and swirls then eventually it sailed off in the same direction, just like our boats had done! 

Pond dipping in the wildlife garden.

Our Outdoor Themed Stay and Play Session
Last week we invited parents and carers to join us for our outdoor themed stay and play session. Look at the photos of us busy den building, planting sunflowers, going on a shape hunt, working together on the giant hill and lots more.