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Summer term 

In English, we have completed cross-curricular factual writing linked to our Science topic.

We wrote an interesting 'Animal group' booklet using lots of key Science words as well as fantastic English skills.


After reading the story Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett, we wrote a postcard from the main character and a newspaper report linked to the text. 


Guided Reading 

20th June, 2017

Today, two groups of children have been reading non-fiction texts.


Picture 1 Using the contents page correctly!
Picture 2 Reading facts about skeletons!
Picture 3 Posing questions about Robots!
Picture 1

wb 12th June, 2017

We have learnt about meerkats in order to write our own factual booklet about them.

In our writing, we have used exclamation sentences which begin with What or How!

Picture 1
Picture 2