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We enjoyed 'Plague A Cross on the Door' so much we cannot wait to get started on this thrilling historical adventure based on documents from the National Archives. Following on from the first book orphan Sam has survived the Great Plague, but his chance at a new life goes up in smoke when a fire breaks out on Pudding Lane.
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We have started Hansel and Gretel by Michael Morpurgo and illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark. It fits perfectly with our fairy tale focus in English. In this enchanting edition the author and illustrator breathe new life into the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale. It has certainly gripped the children's imaginations!
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We really enjoyed 'Plague A Cross on the Door' by Ann Turnbull. It was a thrilling story published with the National Archives. It told the story of Sam a servant boy with no family of his own. When his master died, Sam was left alone prisoner in the empty building with the Red Cross on the door to mark it as a plague house. It really captured our imagination and gave us a great insight into life during the long hot summer of 1665! We really empathised with poor Sam!
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